Artist’s Statements are always in a state of flux or at least they should be. Changes is beliefs, life experiences, and maturity all affect the creative process. And of course statements don't always express everything about the art or artist, only what the artist chooses to share is included. So here is an artist statement already needing to be updated.

The inspiration for my major projects comes from an interest in past technologies that have effected societal changes, such as early typewriters, cabinets of curiosity, pre-cinema optical toys and other devices of communication and household natures. The physical interaction required by these devices to function addresses the importance of touch to creation and to the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. The act of creation is often addressed in my work as an autobiographical reference to my own acts of creation and to an extent the larger archetypal creation myths. These technologies and devices as historical agents of change, work as a metaphorical fulcrum describing the threshold point of transition from one state to another.

This liminal state is an underlying theme in my work that typically manifests itself in oneiric imagery focusing on the transformation between experience and memory and the fragile nature of this recalled memory. The use of the object as a holder of history and memory permeates the content and meanings of my work. The object is a container where opportunity and potentiality reside. Boxes, cases and bins are an essential aspect of this liminal imagery, and can be seen in Soulmaker, Subtleties of a life, and Reveries from Cistae memoria. The box provides a wealth of metaphorical imagery but most importantly it represents the liminal state. Objects placed in or taken out of the box are always in a threshold state of change. 

Etymology and linguistics have also played an important role in my work. The creation of new words used in the naming of films, characters and places has fueled my work. In Reveries from Cistae memoria, which is roughly translated from Latin as dreams from the cabinet of memory, I explore the subjective and oneiric journeys through fragmented and reconstructed memories. The use of Linnaean classification within the film describes the steps of memory creation, transformation, and storage and signifies an event or concept, as having tangible qualities that can be explored and understood.

Ultimately my creative endeavors are an exploration of my interests in discovery and storytelling. While the majority of my work is time-based, my interests span a number of different mediums. On any given project one of the goals is to transcend the medium. My background as a studio artist has provided me with the tools to attempt this within my art. Whether working in time-based mediums such as film, video, and sound art or exploring other new media such as digital imaging and interactivity, my goal is to create work that addresses deeper personal and cultural issues and goes beyond solely addressing a particular medium.

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