Title: Reveries from Cistae memoria

Running Time: 10 minutes 30 seconds

Original Format: 35mm

Screening Format: MiniDV, DVD

Date Completed: July 2005

50-word synopsis: Reveries explores the subjective and oneiric journeys through fragmented and reconstructed memories. Wunderkabinettes and pre-cinema optical toy imagery helps describe the steps of memory creation, transformation, and storage, while weaving stories of the filmmaker’s grandparents with fabricated memories to impress on the viewer the sublime beauty of these fractured memories.

20-word synopsis: Delicately fragmented memories, created, stored and recalled within a sublime dream-state create feelings of nostalgia for what never was.

Director Bio:
Phil Hastings is an award winning artist and filmmaker, and a former director of the Big Muddy Film Festival. Currently he teaches Digital Art at Kenyon College. His video work has been screened at Athens International Film and Video Festival, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, Humboldt International Short Film Festival and at the Wexner Center in Columbus Ohio among others.

Production Credits:
Realized by Phil Hastings
Sound by Josh Gumiela

Special Thanks To:

Boyd Hastings, Jeri Hastings, Tina Hastings, Mary Beth Hileman, Gary Kolb, Jay Needham, Chris Parr, Bill Rowley, A.M. Saverino, Dru Vratil, and especially Ruth

This film was made possible by a generous grant from FotoKem.