Title: Soulmaker

Running Time: 13 minutes

Original Format: 16mm

Screening Format: 16mm with optical soundtrack, MiniDV, DVD

Date Completed: July 2003

Logline: An exhausted soulmaker finds a way to quietly escape his relentless dead-end job.

50-word synopsis: An isolated soulmaker labors at his daily routine until he finds something that awakens his desire for a new life. Upon a threshold of change he sets out to discover his potential, but first he must plan his quiet escape from this life to the next.

20-word synopsis: A Soulmaker sets out to discover his potential, but first he must escape from this life to the next.

Director Bio:
Phil Hastings is an award winning artist and filmmaker, and a former director of the Big Muddy Film Festival. Currently he teaches Digital Art at Kenyon College. His video work has been screened at Athens International Film and Video Festival, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, Hiumboldt International Short Film Festival and at the Wexner Center in Columbus Ohio among others.

Production Credits:
Director Phil Hastings
Cinematographer Phil Hastings
Story Phil Hastings
Production Design Phil Hasting
Sound Design Phil Hastings

Productions Assistance By:

Monica Bandholz, Stephanie Bright, Kelly Camden, T. Martin Camden III, Kurush Canteenwala, Tina Hastings, Terry Hileman, Eva Honegger, Matthew Kras, Nate Mahoney, Christopher Parr, Tommie Rayford, A.M. Saverino, Chris Walker

Special Thanks To:

Juraj Bohus, Mary Boyle, Loren Cocking, Mike Covell, Boyd Hastings, Jeri Hastings, Gary Kolb, Kevin Koron, Bill Rowley, Tanya Synar, Jan Thomas, Dru Vratil, Douglass School Art Place