Transfiguration started out as a proof-of-concept project. It became the basis of an assignment given to my video art class in which students were asked to use appropriated material. As with most appropriation projects, students were asked to engage with the material and subject matter and comment on it. They were also given the opportunity to consider the source material as an opportunity for abstraction. The challenge was to create work that uses appropriated material abstracts it yet still comments on it, be it a social environmental or political statement. Transfiguration was born out of this idea. While working on it I realized that I would not be able to do the sound as well as I would like while meeting certain deadlines so I emailed Josh Gumiela and gave him the challenge of creating a soundtrack in one week (the week before Thanksgiving). He was up for the challenge and within a week he had created another stunning sound design that complements the imagery beautifully.

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