Title: Transfiguration

Running Time: 7 minutes

Original Format: various

Screening Format: MiniDV, DVD, Other formats on request

Date Completed: November 2006

Production Credits:
Realized by Phil Hastings
Sound Design by Josh Gumiela

50-word synopsis: Transfiguration is an exercise in creation through destruction. It appropriates, mashes and mutates Internet pornography to create a new sensory experience and explores the effect of unchecked desires on perceptions. The transformative power of desire on a person’s life, reality and politics all intertwine in the film.

25-word synopsis: Transfiguration appropriates Internet porn and transforms it into a new visual experience to address the dynamics between online sex and potential personal destruction from pleasure.

Tagline 1: Appropriated porn, unchecked lust and shifts in the political landscape.

Tagline 2: An exercise in creation through destruction.

Director Bio: Phil Hastings is an award winning film and video artist. His work has screened across the U.S. and Canada including the Black Maria Film Festival, Humboldt International Short Film Festival, Winnipeg International Film Festival and the Athens International Film and Video Festival. His provocative and controversial video please…no… played at the Wexner Center’s Ohio Short Film Showcase in 2000. He is a former director of the Big Muddy Film Festival and currently teaches digital art, video and installation at Kenyon College.

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